3D Instrument Simulation

Simulation behaves as a real instrument from firmware and mechanical standpoint with tolerance better than 0.01% spatial and 10ms in latencies. Helps our customer to speed up their development process and reduce its cost.

Technology highlights:
Real-time, Microservice architecture, Unity3D, C#, WPF, WCF, MEF, Win10 \ Win7 kernel level drivers.
Size and duration:
9 engineers, 3rd release version is ongoing, 3 years.
Success statement:
Simulation of laboratory robot in 3D which provides 100% similar response as real instrument to the PC-based control application.

In general, I consider Advalange to deliver very well under the dynamic constraints we work (changing/fuzzy requirements, changing priorities etc.). It may make the planning difficult sometimes, but Advalange is capable of adapting quickly. Also, as a customer, I feel that Advalange has the right sense of urgency/importance and that problems are solved in a collaborative and pragmatic way.
Aleksandar Paravac, Software Project Manager